Escape to Paradise at the Four Seasons Biltmore

Posted Aug 7, 2013 by Rachel Shapiro

Santa Barbara wedding venues


Lush & Lavish Beauty

Relax and take in the Santa Barbara beauty! We are in love with the amazing scenery that Santa Barbara is world-famous for, and the Four Seasons Biltmore paints a luscious, beachy backdrop for your wedding ceremony. (Not to mention a lavish indoor ballroom for your reception with exposed-beam ceilings and magnificent chandelier!) We give two thumbs up to the gorgeously creative way the bride matched her design to her dress. It leads us to the question, which came first, the dress or the design?


Santa Barbara wedding venues

Santa Barbara wedding venues

Santa Barbara wedding venues



Let’s Get Snappy with Photographer Josh Gruetzmacher

What did you enjoy about working at this venue? 
Everything. No seriously, this is an amazing spot to get married, and photos look good everywhere at the Biltmore. There are fantastic paths and landscaping that can provide great lighting at all times throughout the day.
What makes this wedding and venue relationship special? This bride and groom love Butterfly Beach, which is across the street from the Biltmore. During his reception speech, the groom told the guests how he and the bride went there on their first date, he proposed there, and then they took their wedding portraits there. It was perfect that they were able to get married in such a special spot for them.
What are photography tips you can give to brides?Have fun. It might seem obvious, but you have probably had so many things going on to plan your wedding, but it’s important to let go and just enjoy every part of the day. I get the best photos when people are having a blast. 

Wedding Credits: Venue – The Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, CA; Photographer – Josh Gruetzmacher; Coordinator – Liz Brown; Flowers – Heart’s Bloom






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